Our brilliant team

Paweł Mularczyk Softroids
Co-Founder / Project Manager

Co-Founder / Python Developer

Sławek Przybylski - Android Developer Wrocław
Android Developer

Łukasz Nowak - Python Developer Wrocław
Python Developer

Sebastian Maliszewski
Frontend Developer

iOS Developer

UI/UX Designer

Short History of Softroids

We’ve always dreamed about our own company, that would work on mobile apps and websites.

That’s why in 2018 we created Softroids. The beginnings weren’t easy, because it is really hard to find a client who would trust a fresh new business. We knew that we need to create a company, that is about something more than just creating apps – a company that puts its client first, where we are for you, not you for us.


As a result, we went through multiple discussions until we received the very first mobile app commission.

We knew very well that we must create this project, living up to the highest standards. And so it was done. We received a very detailed, positive opinion (truly moving at times), which encouraged us to continue our journey. Our clients got to know our greatest values: punctuality, exactness and easy contact with the company.


That’s why nowadays, we still maintain and support mobile apps that we have created for clients who believed in our skills.

Those projects belong to the best-selling apps in Poland (one of them reached the 5th place in Polish sells rankings).


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