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What We Do?

Exactly what you need us to – and we specialize in:

Mobile Applications

We create dedicated mobile apps that succeed on Google Play and Appstore (we’ve reached millions of downloads).

We use only the best coding languages and technologies what ensures our apps work flawlessly on Android and iOS.

Web Applications

We design tailor-made mobile apps that perfectly suit the needs of their users.

Created in accordance with the latest trends and market requirements, our apps are designed to meet the expectations of our customers.


We build modern websites for clients of all sizes – our sites are used by individuals, startups and big corporations.

To make our sites secure and ensure great user-experience we employ technology used by the best in the business.

Who do we work with?

Our services are used by individuals, startups, SMBs, as well as big enterprises and international corporations.

Every project is customized to meet the needs and expectations of the client. We thoroughly study all requirements and deliver solutions our customers are looking for.

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Discover the values that we follow in our daily work

Fast & Timely Delivery

We know all too well that many applications, websites and other technological projects are needed “yesterday”. And there’s nothing worse than never-ending development – both for us and our clients.

That’s why we’ve come up with our very own project management system, which allows us to finish our projects in a timely manner without any negative effect on quality.

Our secret lies in allocating our resources effectively and concentrating exclusively on things that matter.

Thanks to that, your project can be finished in a very short time frame.

Quality First

As programmers, we see how things work behind the scenes. We know the technology and code that were used to create a particular application.

Apart from delivering perfect design, excellent functionality and full reliability we take care about code readability of our applications. While short-term it might seem to make very little difference, it saves a lot of time and nerves (for example during app maintenance or upgrade) in the long-run.

We follow the best coding principles so that in the future your apps can be edited by everyone and not just their creator.

Modern Technologies

One of the key elements that allow assessing whether the app will become a success is its reliability and quality of user experience. The interface has to be easy to use and error-free. Otherwise, users might stop using the app soon after downloading it.

Thanks to our app development experience and the cooperation with highly-qualified UX experts we create solutions with users in mind. Apps that are intuitive, convenient and designed to meet their needs.

This approach guarantees that our applications will attract new and (most importantly) active users.

Humane approach

We follow the rule that our applications are tools created for the user. We consider apps successful only when they solve real problems for those who use them.

To deeply understand their needs and find solutions to their problems much faster, we’ve employed Design Thinking. Its principles allow us to create applications that are user-friendly and which your customers will love to use.

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Our Projects

What’s a better proof of our skills than the projects we have completed so far?

Discover our past projects and see what we can do for you!

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iOS mobile application
Mobile Application
for athletes.zone website
Athletes Zone
Mobile Application Android AthletesZone
Mobile Application
for athletes.zone website
Athletes Zone
Android Mobile application PapuScanner
Modifications, new functionalities and
Rebranding Android Mobile App PapuScanner

Our Clients

About us


Great Guys

Who eat and breathe coding and have years of experience in the industry.


finished projects

And each of them has already reached over 10,000 active users.


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Although we’re not quite sure, why we shared this with you 😊

Softroids is a rapidly growing Wroclaw-based startup. We’re two friends who share a common passion for programming.

Aplikacje mobilne dla biznesu

Paweł Mularczyk


Aplikacje mobilne oraz webowe na zamówienie

Artur Ciszak


From a young age, we’ve been passionate about IT, programming and everything that’s related to the latest technological trends. We’ve polished our work skills in big corporations working on projects that reached millions of downloads on two main mobile apps stores – Google Play and AppStore.

When we discovered we have a real talent for programming (revealed by our extraordinary skills) – we’ve decided to enter the business world and start our own company.

Right now, our goals are even more ambitious. We want to create world-class solutions that will be used by hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis.

Because we want to reach for the stars, we always put our customers first – and make sure they get the best possible product from us.


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